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The Cinephiliacs

Jan 3, 2014

With another year wrapped up, it's time for another countdown, so once again Peter is joined by Time Out New York's Keith Uhlich to talk about some of the truly original and wondrous movies of the year. From the inner workings of drug cartels in China to the drug-fueled crooks of Wall Street, from films about performance by actors young and old to films that speak honestly about our ability to be "fuck ups" as well as truly decent, the two highlight the best in both American and world cinema. Plus, a number of Peter's former guests and friends call in with their own picks, and the two also name some of their favorite films that didn't make it to American theaters this year.

0:00-1:33 Opening / Introduction
2:04-33:11 Picks for #10-#9
35:00-1:07:49 Picks for #8-7
1:11:06-1:25:24 Picks for #6
1:25:25-1:37:01 Picks for Unreleased Films
1:38:00-1:39:40 Close