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The Cinephiliacs

Jul 29, 2013

Many of Peter's guests have expressed their feelings about cinema through words. Gina Telaroli prefers images, both moving and still. The experimental filmmaker, image essay maker, and critic sits down with Peter for a very engaging conversation about her work and passion. The two dive into her frame-by-frame analysis of classic Hollywood films and the "unconscious cinema" she unlocks, as well as her obsession with Hollywood workmen Allan Dwan and William Wellman. Peter also gushes about Gina's film Traveling Light, and asks her numerous questions about what he sees as a spiritual work of cinema. Finally, Gina brings in Vincente Minnelli's Gene Kelly-Scottish set musical Brigadoon, a haunting work that both read as a metaphor for the magic and miracle that is cinema and 35mm.

0:00-1:08 Opening
1:48-6:50 Establishing Shots - Computer Chess
7:02-9:05 Trivia Round
9:49-1:10:50 Deep Focus - Gina Telaroli
1:12:07-1:32:48 Double Exposure - Brigadoon (Vincente Minnelli)
1:32:50-1:34:29 Close