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The Cinephiliacs

Sep 9, 2013

The city of Los Angeles might be where Hollywood's dreams come true, but for film critic Jordan Cronk, his mind often wanders toward the films of countries far and abroad, reflective works of the most avant-garde order. So when Jordan decided to make a pit stop in New York before heading off to the Toronto Film Festival, Peter had him drop by the studio for some chat on his work as a critic, the state of world cinema, Los Angeles's growing repertory theaters, how to approach music the same way as film, and his slight obsession with actress Shailene Woodley. They then dream of an LA they never knew with Alex Cox's crazy cult classic, Repo Man, whose humor and political allegory is uniquely distinct and worth deconstructing, as well as simply rocking along with.

0:00-1:01 Opening
2:09-8:31 Establishing Shots - Twixt / Trivia Round
9:16-51:41 Deep Focus - Jordan Cronk
53:05-1:12:11 Double Exposure - Repo Man (Alex Cox)
1:12:13-1:14:47 Close / Outtake