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The Cinephiliacs

Feb 24, 2014

Kent Jones is truly one of the most essential voices for Peter. His writings are reflective, intelligent, and complex in a way few writers come close to, and his other work—A Letter To Elia, the World Cinema Project, and the New York Film Festival—are key to Peter's continuing exposure to cinema. So Kent sits down with Peter to discuss his first exposure to cinema, his mentorship under Manny Farber and Martin Scorsese, his complicated process of writing, working on making films and using images, and the auteurs that continue to inspire him. The two then end with a conversation on the rarely seen Spawn of the North, a Henry Hathaway film with Henry Fonda that finds something very physical in its Alaskan set border town.

0:00-1:20 Opening
2:47-8:47 Establishing Shots - John Ford's Young Mr. Lincoln / Donations
9:32-1:16:20 Deep Focus - Kent Jones
1:17:28-1:36:48 Double Exposure - Spawn of the North (Henry Hathaway)
1:36:52-1:38:31 Close