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The Cinephiliacs

May 12, 2014

Sam Adams may not be in the center of the criticism landscape from his home in Philadelphia, but his presence at the editor for the Criticwire blog has made his dialectic voice a reasoned and fascinating one in a world of polemics. In this latest episode, Peter sits down with Sam to talk about his first interest in criticism through his desire to talk through a film, his participation in the experimental Flaherty seminar, and his thoughts on the strange world of television criticism and its constant evolution. Finally, the two work through Robert Altman's 1973 hazy noir The Long Goodbye and consider how the director's comedic take on the Chandler hero with Elliot Gould might in some ways be more noir than most revisionist works.

0:00-1:25 Opening
2:46-9:13 Establishing Shots - Mann Noirs / Donations
9:59-1:15:19 Deep Focus - Sam Adams
1:16:45-1:42:42 Double Exposure - The Long Goodbye (Robert Altman)
1:42:45-1:44:40 Close / Outtake