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The Cinephiliacs

Mar 20, 2013

Where do great directors come from? Since 1969, the New Directors/New Films festival has searched around the globe for the directors and cinemas that will soon rank among the canon. And certainly it has a strong history for accomplishing that with names like Pedro Almodovar, Steven Spielberg, Wong Kar-Wai, Spike Lee, and Chantal Akerman. So in a world of digital releasing and festival saturation, what can ND/NF offer? Joined by the very smart Daniel Walber, Peter takes a look at this year's impressive slate, focusing on a trio of unique films as well as some of the other highlights. Does Shane Caruth's Upstream Color transcend its complex science fiction narrative? Does Viola's brief running time and light hand build something more textured? And why exactly is Leones and its director Jazmin Lopez the "future of cinema?" All this and more in this special episode.

0:00-3:30 Opening
4:15-15:02 Upstream Color (Shane Caruth)
15:53-31:54 Leones (Jazmin Lopez)
31:55-33:04 Trivia Round
33:34-41:12 Other Highlights
42:12-53:17 Viola (Matias PiƱeiro)
53:19-55:19 Close / Outtakes