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The Cinephiliacs

Jan 14, 2013

One of the New Year's Resolutions for The Cinephiliacs this year is to explore the world of cinephiles outside of New York, so Peter decided to make a trip to Chicago to interview the windy city's best and brightest. First up: Keith Phipps, the former head of the pop culture monster The A.V. Club. Keith describes his movement from graduate school to VHS junkie at a local video store in Madison. The two then discuss the world of the AV Club, as well as Keith's own interest in road trip movies and James Bond. Finally, they close out the show with a discussion of a Richard Lester film that doesn't star The Beatles—Petulia, which might actually be the truer landmark of the 1960s.

0:00-1:23 Opening
1:23-6:07 Establishing Shots - Jackie Brown
6:24-44:10 Deep Focus - Keith Phipps 45:21-1:09:20
Double Exposure - Petulia (Richard Lester)
1:09:20-1:13:01 Trivia Round, Close, and Outtake