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The Cinephiliacs

Jan 28, 2013

When Peter sat down to do a video essay on his own a few years back, he primarly studied and examined the work of Kevin B. Lee. Luckily, Peter has gotten to know Kevin, and was thankful to sit him down for a podcast while in Chicago last month. Kevin explains his long winded path into filmmaking and finally film criticism. The two discuss the art and process of making video essays, the importance and frustrations with film canons, and his work in highlighting the work of independent Chinese filmmakers. Finally, they open up a can of worms with Richard Linklater's Slacker, a film Kevin describes as similar to today's Facebook and Twitter feeds.

0:00-1:20 Opening
1:20-4:22 Establishing Shots - Side Effects
5:20-1:14:10 Deep Focus - Kevin B. Lee
1:15:33-1:45:12 Double Exposure - Slacker (Richard Linklater)
1:45:13-1:48:57 Trivia Round, Close, and Outtake