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The Cinephiliacs

Dec 31, 2012

Peter believes that the Top 10 list is less of a summation of a year in film than a personal statement on how one view's cinema at that moment. So in this epic 2+ hour episode, he invites the idiosyncratic Keith Uhlich to join him on a journey through the year in film. They discuss terrorists and presidents, romances and mentors, artificial and stylized views of the world to authentic miracles. Plus some of Peter's former guests and friends of the show call in with their picks, and they also list some of the great films of years past that they finally caught up with. (This is Part 2 of the show. Please listen to Part 1 first).

0:00-2:25 Introduction to Part 2
2:26-8:22 Favorite Filmic Discoveries
8:23-1:30:01 Picks for #5 through #1
1:30:01-1:35:30 Picks for #20 through #11
1:35:30-1:39:14 Trivia Round / Close / Outtake