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The Cinephiliacs

Jan 5, 2014

A film does not become something more than a mechanical work of reproduction until it is viewed. It only becomes art when it is presented to an audience, as masterpieces are born through the interaction between cinema and cinephile. It is these films that lead Peter and Time Out New York critic Keith Uhlich to their list of the the best films of 2013. They are films about possibilities of imagination both delightful and threatening. They are comedies, thrillers, documentaries, and romances. They are sensuous yet biting, philosophical yet bawdy. Two of them feature characters removing their heads. All in all, another year of cinema. Plus, the two mention their favorite repertory discoveries of the year, and a number of former guests chime in with their own picks.

This is Part 2. Visit or the iTunes Music Store to listen to Part 1.

0:00-1:34 Opening / Introduction
2:53-11:58 Favorite Repertory Picks
12:55-26:25 Picks for #5
28:33-1:05:20 Picks for #4-3
1:09:05-1:50:15 Picks for #2-1
1:50:20-1:51:59 Close