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The Cinephiliacs

Oct 22, 2012

After three weeks of new movies, The Cinephiliacs returns by going to old school filmmaking as Peter sits down with Farran Smith Nehme, aka the Self-Styled Siren, blogger extraordinaire when it comes to classic Hollywood movies. The two discuss how she first fell in love with the movies of Hollywood's golden age, approaching classic cinema beyond the expected titles and myths, and living the dream by appearing on Turner Classic Movies. They close out the show by examining Three Strangers, a film noir by Jean Negulesco and co-written by John Huston that might not be the best film ever made, but damn if it doesn't have some out of this world sequences and killer performances by Sydney Greenstreet, Geraldine Fitzgerald, and Peter Lorre as a romantic lead, of all things!

0:00-1:13 Opening

1:14-4:58 Establishing Shots - Kant and Criticism

5:12-45:15 Deep Focus - Farran Smith Nehme

46:30-1:05:38 Double Exposure - Three Strangers (Jean Negulesco)

1:05:39-1:07:32 Close / Outtake