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The Cinephiliacs

Oct 21, 2013

One can spend their entire life just watching the movies and appreciating the work on screen, but often just as fascinating is seeing all the behind the scenes work. Craig Simpson, a blogger and occasional contributor to The House Next Door, has worked and organized the archival collections of some of the most unique film artists of the last century. So the Man From Porlock makes his journey from Bloomington, Indiana all the way to New York to talk about growing up a cinephile in the American Southwest, his skepticism to the cult of auteurism, and the treasures at the Lilly Library at Indiana University. Finally, they dive into the world of Paris, Texas, which Craig describes as a perfect test case of unweildy collaborators keeping each other in place.

0:00-1:06 Opening
2:56-6:34 Establishing Shots - Who The Hell is Howard Hawks?
7:19-50:57 Deep Focus - Craig Simpson
52:16-1:12:48 Double Exposure - Paris, Texas (Wim Wenders)
1:12:52-1:14:56 Close / Outtake